Personalized Learning Pillows are $20+ depending on the fabric of the cover, size, case style and whether it is one sided or two sided. They can be printed for pre-schoolers through grade 4 with appropriate practice activities. Pocket Pillows are a unique and thoughtful gift for encouraging reading. The pocket holds 1 to 2 of the childs's favorite books.  Learning Puzzles can be customized with names and other educational information (12 pcs-120pcs available). Tracing Boards  (2 sided/one is blank) are ideal for the beginning writer to practice on. Also included with the board is a dry erase marker

Learning Pillow and Accessories

SKU: 000075
  • Pillow covers can be removed for washing according to care instructions given.

    Due to the incidence of Covid-19 at this time, this item is not returnable.