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1.  When is the best time to order my invitations?

General invitations should be order 6-8 weeks prior to your event. This allows for any design changes, production issues, and shipping delays. However, wedding invitations should be ordered at least four months prior to the wedding. Embellished, engraved and letterpress invitations should be ordered at least four to five months in advance.

2.  When should we mail out our wedding invitations?

Invitations should be mailed on average 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

3.  Whose names should be included on the invitations?

Traditionally, only the bride's parents' names are listed at the top of the invitation, especially if they're hosting and paying for the entire event. However, in recent years both parents have been included.

4.  Are response cards necessary?

It is highly advisable that you you include response cards with your invitation suites. Not only does this provide you with an accurate count of your guests for food and beverages, it will also help you to determine the number of tables, chairs, linens, centerpeices and cake

Invitations must be ordered from the website.